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Brazil Desk

Brazil, by far the largest economy in South America, represents a comparatively predictable and also promising market for German and European investors despite the current crisis.

In order to open up further advice to small and medium-sized companies, who think about entering the market in Brazil, WYN LEGAL has a Brazil desk, which is filled with two Brazilian attorneys (Advogada) admitted as foreign lawyers in Germany, with Mrs. Advogada Ana Cristina Bahia Wagner and Mrs. Advogada Édelis Martinazz Dallagnol. Our Brazil service supports you with an optimal entry into the Brazilian market or the further development of your German-Brazilian relations.

Mrs. Bahia Wagner has a long-term practice as a lawyer in Brazil both as an in-house lawyer and through her own practice for national and international corporate clients. In addition, her cultural background and language skills help you to better assess situations.

Ms Martinazzo Dallagnol worked for several years as an independent attorney and veterinarian, as well as a research and development institute in Brazil. Ms Martinazzo Dallagnol has contributed to over 200 publications, including technical and scientific books and essays.


Therefore, our Brazil Desk does not only help you in sailing through economic and legal environment in Brazil but also helps you in understanding the specific national political peculiars regarding international business activities.


The key advantages you avail from the expertise in our Brazil Desk are:


• Central point of contact for all your legal services.
• For German clients it means a big facilitation for first consultation about the Brazil market and its legal issues.
• Pragmatic and result driven solution till the end of your deal.


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