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Middle East and North Africa Desk

يعلن مكتبنا عن تقديم الإستشارات القانونية باللغة العربية بشكل خاص :


١- قانون الضرائب .

٢- قوانين تأسيس الشركات .

٣-  قوانين البيع و الشراء والتجارة والعمل.

٤- حق إقامة الشركات المهاجرة ( حقوق إقامة المستثمرين ).

The lawyers of WYN LEGAL have been advising clients (mainly entrepreneurs and investors) from the Arab-speaking countries of the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa in their business activities in Germany for several years.

In order to be able to better serve interested investors and companies from the Arab world and to be available to German or European companies as a contact for planned outbound activities in the Arab world, WYN LEGAL is now cooperating with the business consultant from Syrian origin, Mr Isam AlMohammad, as part of our MENA Desk.

Mr AlMohammad previously worked in Syria as an attorney and also as managing director of a medium-sized trading company. From these activities, he has a broad network in the Arab world. In addition, his business experience, as well as his cultural and linguistic expertise, help German and European companies with their projects in the Arab world. Mr AlMohammad also coordinates their legal and tax advisors in the Middle East and North Africa (Legal Project Management).